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Staphyloccus bacteria in the trachea.

  • 25 years ago "Staph" was resistant to antibiotics 2% of the time.

  • Now "Staph" is resistant to antibiotics 50% of the time.

  • Microbes are mutating to resistant forms for every antibiotic developed.
    (see Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria).

Development, manufacturing, and distribution of infection control products for the world community including, our line of MICROCYDE™ infection control products.

MICROCYDE™ products help protect you from invading pathogens while helping to prevent the spread of disease through cross contamination.
Our skin contact formulations provide several hours of continuous anti-microbial activity.

Click here to visit the Microcyde website at www.microcyde.com

Infectious Disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.
Eighty percent of Infectious disease is spread by the hands.
Every antibiotic developed has given rise to a resistant strain.

Treatable diseases are becoming untreatable.

Your first and best course of protection is PREVENTION.

We encourage you to tour our site and learn more about the infectious disease crisis and how our products can help protect you and others.

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