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Manufacturers of
MICROCYDE™ Antimicrobial Products

Distribution Opportunities:
  • The spread of infectious diseases is a worldwide problem.
  • Once treatable diseases are becoming untreatable.
  • The benefits to those who supply MICROCYDE™ Products are exceeded only by the benefits derived by those who use MICROCYDE™ Products.
  • For those governments and institutions that underwrite the cost of health care there would be a very large cost savings benefit derived from having less sick people to treat. (A "wellness benefit")
  • Clinicians would be able to reduce prescriptions of antibiotics thereby increasing the effectiveness of the drugs.
  • The contribution we are most proud of is the reduction of human suffering.
We are looking for qualified distributors for our MICROCYDE™ line of products. Please see the list of relevant distributor activity below.

If you share our enthusiasm for the products and would be interested in discussing a distributor relationship with us, we invite you to contact our marketing department via our form.

Relevant Distributor Networks:
  • Medical suppliers (hospitals, clinics, dental supplies, veterinary clinics).
  • Distributors & maintenance of hospital equipment.
  • Vendors of janitorial supplies to food processors, schools, & institutions.
  • Suppliers of sporting goods and equipment.
  • Specialty suppliers to public safety personnel (police, fire, and ambulance [EMTs])
  • Office supplies distributors.
  • Stockist for pharmacies and drug stores.
  • Supermarkets (wholesale distributors to---).
  • Distributors to barber and hair salons (beauty salons).
  • Government agencies: military, transportation, postal, customs, etc.
  • Travel agencies.

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